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Post  AdminKiss on Tue 03 Nov 2009, 11:49 am

Dear Maplers ,

This page will be updated asap whenever our [Admin] updates stuff in NewBornStory .
We'll inform everyone all the updates that we made here so you'll not be lost or unknown of a new NPCs .

22 APR 10:
-Changed > Download > V62 links

21 APR 10:
-Updated songs

- ** MAR 10:

24 FEB 10:
-Updated music function

14 FEB 10:
-Added claw machine
-Updated @news

3 FEB 10:
-Donate $200 SGD be GM T&C

1 FEB 10:
-Removed Vendin machine
-Removed Rupi
-Removed Maple Administrator free mount

23 JAN 10:
-Half fixed marriage

6 JAN 10:
-Officially release green skin and pink skin at Kin and NinaKina
-skill java clean up
-@news updated

5 JAN 10:
-Officially came out with new patch files @ or

3 JAN 10:
-Removed SSB Event
-Updated @news

29 Dec 09:
-Updated Kin and NimaKin (Preparing to launch green and pink skin, Added white eyes)
-Code cleanup (mapleskincolor)
-Database security raised

17 Dec 09:
-Fixed 1 week rolling back rapidly
-Removed everyone skills in your keyboards

10 Dec 09:
-Fixed massive rollback
-Rollback database from 9dec to 6dec
-Added 2x on all rates for this week

2 Dec 09:
-Added Make NBS your homepage @
-Our Web hosting is still under prograss.
- Adding new song @ our
-Updated @news

1 Dec 09:
-Added Rupi in FM
-Released 2 new quest @ cliff & vending machine
-Removed motorbike quest
-Added 1.5x Extra EXP on all channal

28 Nov 09:
-Added 3 new stuff in Donator NPC at @fmnpc
-Completed second quest after F1 mount for x mas chair (99% done).

27 Nov 09:
-Updated @news
-Updated SSB exchanger
-Fixed some error take place in NBS .

26 Nov 09:
-Completed NPC Cliff for F1 Mount
-Added Spotlight & Tires in Truckers

23 Nov 09:
-Fixed Scarf Snowman warping to correct map .
-Added Free MapleMas Hat from Roodolph @ Extra Frosty Snow Zone
-Increase stats on MapleMas Hat ( +8 all stats , 25 Slots , 50 Avoid , Speed&Jump.)
-There is no 31 Nov 09 so we've changed to 30 Nov 09 For Coke Quest @ FM
-Matilda (ReBorn NPC) Chat updated .
-Added Cliff giving F1 Mount in Dec . (In Prograss)
-Vending machine MIGHT be going to give out Chrismas chair after you done the F1 Quest .(In Prograss)
-Updated Maple Assistance Super SnowBoard event.

14 Nov 09:
-Fixed some Admins stuff errors .

6 Nov 09:
-Increased drop rate for requirement of Vending Machine
-Added @mesobank
-Updated @ help
-Added when you have 2b it will popup to tell you use @mesobank

5 Nov 09:
-Release of Vending Machine (Motocycle Mount) NPC in FM
-Updated @news

3 Nov 09:
-Updated thread

2 Nov 09:
-Fixed FOJ needed at least pass 17min & killed all monsters to win.

1 Nov 09:
-Recleared FM style and arrangement of NPCs
-Removed Shank from free market and moved NewBornStory Server Info (type @fmnpc to use shanks)
-Added New Doantor Gachapon at FM Check out at

31 Oct 09:
-Removed @fmnpc to Horntail
-Added jumping quest before entering Horntail
-Horntail drops will not be found in other monsters thus became rare

Thanks for you support in NewBornStory and question feel free to email/MSN at

Your Sincerely,
[Admin]Kiss & [Admin]Mak lol!

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