The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

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The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

Post  Kotor on Mon 13 Apr 2009, 11:06 pm


Dice Roll Stats

However you choose your appearance is fine, so long as you are content with it. What matters most is the dice roll. It determines what your starting stats will be. Being a future Thief, along with all classes, it should have the best roll possible, for said class. Your stat roll, for a Thief should be as follows:

* STR: 4/5 (or if you choose to be a future STR Bandit, anything will suffice)
* DEX: X (anything rolled in this is fine)
* INT: 4/5 (INT for a Thief is USELESS, therefore, try to have the lowest number possible, 4)
* LUK: X (anything rolled in this is fine also)

And that is what your stat roll should look like for your future Thief.


Taken from the Main Thief Guide:

* Level 1-4: Blue and Green Snails in Maple Island.
* Level 4-6: Blue, Red, Green Snails and Shrooms in Maple Island.
* Level 6-10: Snails and Shrooms are still good EXP at this level. You may try Orange Mushrooms, but they are rather strong, and take far to long to kill.
* This should all take place on Maple Island.
The First Job Advancement

Finally, after an hour or two of leveling up, you are now level 10.

Since we are becoming a Thief, after departing Maple Island, you should take the boat to Lith Harbor.

You can type @FMNPC and select job advancing, and continue through it

If you are capable of advancing to a Thief, he will promote you to a Thief upon confirmation.

If you are not capable of advancing, make sure you have spent your Skill Points, and your status looks like this:

* Level 10:
* STR: 4/5 (10 for STR Bandits)
* DEX: 25 (this MUST be at LEAST this number to job advance)
* INT: 4/5 (should always remain this number)
* LUK: XX (every other possible point)

If you made a mistake, consult getting a free stat reset

Even so, CONGRATULATIONS! You are, hopefully, now a level 10 Thief!

You have received one Skill Point to spend.
Part 2: Rogue


* Level 10-15: Slimes or Orange Mushrooms are good monsters to train on. The Orange Mushrooms may still be to strong for you to handle at level 10, but if you can handle them, go for it, as the EXP is great. If you haven't made the job advancement at level 10, and you are level 11 or higher, you should delete your current character and make a new one. You miss out on crucial Skill Points you could use.
* Level 15-20: Pigs and Ribbon Pigs. Pig Beach is a great place to battle them. If they are too much for you to handle, return back to the Orange Mushrooms.
* Level 20-30: I advise, as many others do, Green Mushrooms. Being at the lower levels and going to be a Bandit, these are advised as Double Stab should kill them fairly quickly. You can also try Horned Mushrooms but if you find yourself wasting MP, return to the Green Mushrooms. Also, the Kerning City Party Quest is a great way to train and level, and even make new friends. But beware if you are on a congested server, the time spent trying to get into a PQ may not be worth the EXP earned.

When you are level 30, you are to immediately go and complete your Job Advancement. Do not gain any more levels, as that would not be good for skill distribution on your future Bandit skills.

The Second Job Advancement

Just Talk to Cody, and voila!

Congratulations, you are now a Bandit! You have received 1 Skill Point to spend.
Part 3: Bandit

So, as I said already, you're a Bandit. Congratulations! There isn't much to be said, so lets start with some Stats and Pros and Cons.


Being a Bandit your stats should be somewhat similar at level 30.

* STR: 4 Unless you are a STR Bandit. It should then be Your Level - 10. Example: Level 30, your STR should be 20.
* DEX: 60 Your DEX should remain twice your level for now. Keep it at the minimum of what's needed for your equipment. At level 40, you will begin to add only 1 each level, forever. Example: Level 50 your DEX should be 90, not 100.
* INT: 4 INT is not needed for a Thief and it should be as low as possible, as stated many times.
* LUK: ?? I'm not sure of the exact amount, but it should be more than enough to wear your current level equipment.


Onto the training. I've taken this list from the Main Thief guide also. I do not recall where I had trained, therefore, cannot include my personal input.

* Level 30-35: Wild Boars and Evil Eyes are good for now. Also, if you're into making Mesos from drops, you can try Chronos in Ludibrium, if you have the potions. You may also remain at Kerning PQ until level 31.

Bandits can also go to Wild Boars around level 33-35. Levels 30-33 should go to Ant Tunnel 1 & 2 and train on Horned Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms. Note from a Player: If you have lots of potions, try to go for Curse Eyes at SleepyWood. I could kill them at lvl 31 so it should be ok. Note from a Player: I have found that if you can handle them, Sakura Cellions in Amoria Hunting Ground 1 are 65exp and about 3 hits. They are absolutely amazing if you need some money for your expensive equips or weapons, they drop almost 300 Mesos per kill. It is also nice to get into a party with a Mage there (very nice if it's a cleric). They do around 50-70 damage but if you train efficiently you can more than make up for that with almost 100k in about 45 minutes which is very nice for your current level.

* Level 35-40: By now, you should be pretty strong. You can make a choice of either Wild Boar or Fire Boar for both Assassin and Bandit. Wild Boars would still be good until the mid-forty's (40-43), even though it is a pain.

* Level 40-45: Try Jr. Cellion, Jr. Lioner and Jr. Grupins. They give good EXP and great drops.

* Level 45-50: By now, you should be able to fight Star Pixies. They drop a fair amount of Pan Lids and give decent EXP. You may also Ludibrium PQ for easier/faster leveling.

* Level 50-55: Star Pixies or Zombie Lupins. Good drops and good EXP. Stone Gollems or Block Golems in Ludibrium would also be good.

* Level 55-60: Zombie Lupins, stay there. If you're getting bored you could also try the various types of pixies.
* Level 60-70: You can either go to Drake's Meal Table or Hot Sand. Coolie Zombies are okay for EXP at this level, but finding an area may be difficult, with every other class training here.

The Third Job Advancement

Just talk to Cody, and he will advance you!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a Proud and Happy Chief Bandit, or so you should be!

Honestly, congratulations for making it this far.

Also, you have received one Skill Point to spend.
Part 4: Chief Bandit

Well, there isn't much to be said. By now, you must be pretty knowledgeable and most likely do not even need my help. Pros and Cons!


* Skill points may be applied in any manner.
* Savage Blow remains a powerful skill.
* With Meso Explosion, you can make Boss Fights rather easy.
* Assaulter is a VERY powerful skill, especially when maxed, with a damage of 450%.
* Assaulter also has a fantastic range, enabling you to use it and land on a ledge higher then you.
* You can use Meso Explosion and Pickpocket together in combination quite beautifully.
* Band of Thieves has a mobbing capability, thus making encounters with Mobs easier.
* Chakra, using your MP, can restore a certain percent of your HP.
* Meso Guard is a wonderful skill designed to protect you from a great deal of damage, and death.


* Expensive to maintain.
* Meso Explosion, especially during Boss Fights, may drain a ton of your Mesos.
* Assaulter requires a Monster in order to be used.
* Band of Thieves does not apply extra attacks unless there is more then one enemy nearby.
* Chakra can only be used if your HP is under 50% of its Max.
* Shield Mastery is by far the most useless skill, especially since you will most likely learn Meso Guard.

Enough of that, onto the training!

* Levels 70-80: People suggest Zombies, but those have NEVER once seemed good for EXP. A nice place is Forest of Gollem and perhaps Voodoos if you can have an easy time finding an area.
* Levels 80-90: People say Coolie Zombies and Mix Gollems are the best for EXP.

You may try Ghost Pirates if you would like. Halfway through your 80s you can attempt Spirit Vikings or Squids at Aqua Road. Parties at Master Death Teddys may yield good EXP too. You may also consider hunting Gobies at Aqua Road.

* Level 90+: Most Thieves tend to stay at their prior training locations. If you can find a Priest, you can try to party at Dual Ghost Pirates, which I hear are nice for EXP.

Also, if you haven't yet, and you want one, you should try to use your Zakum Helmet.

* Level 100+: Not entirely sure where, but let me tell you, as many other guides would:

You are pretty much a Pro, and a master of the Bandit, so I'm sure you should be able to find your own places to train.

If you're rich, you may want to train on Gobies much earlier, since there are guides on how to effectively use Mesos Explosion on them, and level up much faster.


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Post  Dj0ctY on Mon 13 Apr 2009, 11:08 pm

Really Nice and useful! Thx a lot Kotor!

I appreciate your effort!

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Post  AdminMak on Mon 13 Apr 2009, 11:09 pm

very nice guide, must've took long ^^

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Re: The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

Post  AdminKiss on Tue 14 Apr 2009, 3:29 pm

Cool =) maybe can edit some more colour on its better then reading all same colour words =) its ok to nvr change it =) hehe Its nice though! lol!


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Re: The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

Post  unceunce2134 on Tue 14 Apr 2009, 3:32 pm

as Admin Kiss said it would be easier to read in colour im only halfway thru guide O.o

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Re: The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

Post  GMBaby on Tue 14 Apr 2009, 7:07 pm

Nice & helpful effort on this post! ^^

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Re: The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

Post  unceunce2134 on Tue 14 Apr 2009, 8:15 pm

btw gobies arent that good

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Re: The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

Post  xiia0viN on Fri 12 Jun 2009, 4:34 am

Embarassed This look'd Ripped from someone else.

(: ty for posting a/w

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Re: The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

Post  asukuml on Fri 12 Jun 2009, 7:21 am

xiia0viN wrote:Embarassed This look'd Ripped from someone else.

(: ty for posting a/w

Read the first sentence.


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Re: The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

Post  KawaiiAngel on Sat 22 Aug 2009, 11:12 pm

nice guide but its pretty useless for a high rate server especially when they have fm mobs. its makes the training way totally different.


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Re: The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

Post  leodown on Wed 16 Mar 2011, 1:31 pm

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Re: The Road To Chief Bandit (1-70) {Bandit} {LUCK}

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