Major Updates of the servers =)

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Major Updates of the servers =)

Post  AdminKiss on Mon 13 Apr 2009, 10:06 pm

Major updates during March :
-Change password added
-Job advancement in FM for first job
-Added tamming at Fredick n mega @ 1m each now
-KPQ have NX slimes
-Added HPQ & PPQ
-Relog / Cc lag fixed
[Admin]Kiss > 3/3/09 ~ 30/3/09

Upcoming april :
The server is going upgrading to a better spec computer of our dedicated com in the company hosting our server Hope its can hold MORE players and without lag =)
Change the web style too .
[Admin]Kiss > 13/4/09

Added Rock Paper NPC at FM & added thropie trader at our @fmnpc to trade more rare items! Thropie drop from theboss and theboss have drops now =) .
The server may suffer some lagness due to overpopulation aprox more then 150+ people then will be quite lag so kindly bear with it and we'll be upgrading our dedi com spec in this days aprox 1~2days.ASAP =) Do donate and support us !
[Admin]Kiss > 12/4/09

Please take note for NEW and OLD donator ! We've just changed our paypal email address to due to some error in old email so from now on SEND your donation to NEW email NOT old email ! Any thing contact me in in MSN / Email me Thanks!
+Fixed First job advancement can be USE @fmnpc but after that need to change channel to be fully jobed =)
[Admin]Kiss > 11/4/09

The maze PQ changed to 5min and min of 2players to enter due to added FM room Bosses in all room and aprox spawning 5~15min later after its dead.
[Admin]Kiss > 9/4/09

We've added a new SYSTEM called ReBorn , Its for those players who max their stats with 32k each to increase their DMG by ReBorn themself type @fmnpc to check it out (Made from Mak)! Added new things at donation rewards . Changed MEGAPhone to 1mill per MEGAphone and added 1 chair for 1mill too!
[Admin]kiss 3/4/09


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Re: Major Updates of the servers =)

Post  Kotor on Mon 13 Apr 2009, 11:10 pm

nice! awesome work!

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Re: Major Updates of the servers =)

Post  unceunce2134 on Tue 14 Apr 2009, 3:30 pm

awesome !!! i wont lag now Razz

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Re: Major Updates of the servers =)

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